Cards on the Table

Cards on the Table, Projeto Gazua – Despina. Rio de Janeiro 2016

tarot cards, crystals, mirror, glass, foam, leather, fabric, adhesive, wood, cork, ink, gliter and tambourine

installation and oracular performance – still performance

photograph: Rafael Perez Evans

Solar Offset

Solar Offset, Despina. Rio de Janeiro 2015

video projection, mirrors, rug, foam, synthetic leather, leather, wood and crystals

the installation is the result of the artistic residency granted by the FOCO Bradesco ArtRio Award – installation overview

Please Touch

Please Touch, Prêmio Foco Bradesco ArtRio – ArtRio. Rio de Janeiro 2014

mdf, automotive paint, ceramics, leather, glass, mirror, cork, glitter, shell and crystals on wood top and easels

variable dimensions